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What to Do for Your Child’s Traumatic Dental Injury

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As a parent, you hope that your child never has to experience the pain of dental trauma. However, with how much children like to run around or roughhouse, this can sometimes be unavoidable. If you have any questions, please contact us today.

The best thing you can do as a parent is make sure that you are prepared to deal with dental emergencies when it unexpectedly happens. Make sure that you have the phone number for our emergency pediatric dentists at Children’s Dental Care ready in the event of a traumatic dental injury.

Traumatic Dental Injuries

Baby Teeth Trauma

If your child has knocked out a baby tooth, you won’t have to worry about re-implantation. Instead, use a clean washcloth to apply direct pressure to the gum. Encourage your child to gently bite down. This will help stem the bleeding. While tending to your child’s dental injury, be sure to check that only the tooth was affected during the injury. If you notice any injury to your child’s gums, go to the emergency room.

Schedule an emergency appointment with a pediatric dentist at Children’s Dental Care. Your child’s dentist may want you to bring the missing tooth to the appointment for him or her to inspect. Depending on the type of injury, your pediatric dentist may recommend your child have dental x-rays to rule out nerve damage or damage to the underlying adult tooth. A dental x-ray will also help our pediatric dentists check for tooth fragments remaining in the gum, which can affect how adult teeth come in.

A knocked out baby tooth will not affect speech development, although your child may speak with a small lisp. Chipped or broken baby teeth must be seen by an emergency pediatric dentist right away to determine if tooth repair is possible.

Permanent/Adult Teeth Trauma

If a permanent adult tooth is knocked out or damaged, you need to contact a emergency pediatric dentist at Children’s Dental Care as soon as possible. Responding quickly to traumatic dental injury will help improve the likelihood of successful tooth re-implantation.

Make sure you only hold a displaced toothby the crown (top of the tooth) to avoid damaging the roots. Next, you will want to carefully rinse off any debris before placing the tooth carefully back into its socket. If this is not possible, submerge the tooth in milk (preferably saliva) until you can get to an emergency pediatric dentist near me. It’s very important that the tooth not dry out. A dry tooth is at significant risk for further breakage.

Once you are at your child’s pediatric dentistry, the dentist will diagnose the dental trauma, manage pain, and do necessary treatment. If other appointments are needed to resolve the issue, they will be scheduled at that time. Your child may also be referred to a different specialist if advanced treatment is needed.

If you are in need of our emergency pediatric dental services, please feel free to call one of our pediatric dentists at one of our three convenient locations; Dearborn, Canton and Livonia, MI. Children’s Dental Care works hard to help patients and their families during pediatric dental emergencies.