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7 Facts About Your Child's Mouth Guard

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Does your child play a contact sport? If so, you'll want to ask our pediatric dentists about getting a mouth guard. A sports mouth guard is an oral appliance that fits over your child's upper teeth. That way, your child doesn't knock out a tooth by accident the next time they're tackled or knocked to the ground.

Continue reading to learn more about your child's mouth guard. Our pediatric dentists can also answer questions during your child's next appointment. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about prior to your child's appointment.

Mouth Guard Facts

  • 1.) Mouth Guards Reduce Risk of Injury

    Playing a contact sport (like football) increases your child's risk of oral injury. This is why our pediatric dentists always recommend your child wear a mouth guard when they play. A mouth guard covers your child's upper teeth, protecting them from a blow to the face. Don't let your child's season get cut short by a dental emergency. Our pediatric dentists can create a custom mouth guard for a comfortable fit.

  • 2.) Mouth Guards Protect Upper Teeth

    A mouth guard only protects your child's upper teeth. Upper teeth are more vulnerable to injury because they're in front of your child's lower teeth. Yet, we may recommend a special mouth guard if your child wears braces.

  • 3.) You Should Replace Mouth Guards Every 6 Months

    Your child's mouth guard won't last forever. This may especially be the case if they don't take care of their mouth guard. Mouth guards can lose their shape over time when they're chewed on or crammed into face masks. Yet, even with normal wear and tear, you'll need to replace your child's sports mouth guard at least every 6 months.

  • 4.) Mouth Guards Save You Money

    We understand that your family is on a budget. Yet, it's important that you don't underestimate the cost of emergency dental care. One dental emergency can be enough to blow your budget. A sports mouth guard helps prevent injuries so you can avoid the cost of repairing a broken tooth. Preventive care almost always costs less than restorative dentistry.

  • 5.) Your Child Needs to Clean Their Mouth Guard

    Bacteria love to live in the dark nooks and crannies of your child's mouth guard. This is why you'll need to remind your child to wash their custom mouth guard after every use. Your child will need to scrub their mouth guard with a toothbrush under cold water. Next, they'll need to store their sports mouth guard in a dry ventilated container. Our pediatric dentists will give your child an appropriate container.

  • 6.) Your Child Can Wear a Mouth Guard with Braces

    Does your child wear braces? If so, our pediatric dentists will be able to create a special mouth guard to protect both upper and lower teeth. A loose mouth guard can snag on your child's braces during impact, injuring soft tissue. A blow to the face can also damage wires and brackets. For the best mouth guard, take your child to see one of our pediatric dentists. We'll be able to create a custom mouth guard that accommodates their braces.

  • 7.) Stock Mouth Guards Aren't Good for Long-Term Use

    Does your child plan on playing a contact sport for an entire season? If so, you'll want to ask us about getting a custom mouth guard. While stock mouth guards at the store are less expensive, they're also not as protective as what we offer. These mouth guards often fit too tight or loose to be of much use. Not to mention, stock mouth guards tend to be uncomfortable so your child will be less likely to wear them.

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